ShipMate is not a traditional video agency!

We are comprised of a group of independent producers that are driven to help clients create compelling and engaging video content.
Content Production Partner
ShipMate producers specialize in helping creatives with taking concepts from script to screen.  Our producers are available to assist our agency and network partners to manage all of their production and post initiatives.  If you imagine it we can produce it!
noun – (nautical term) – a fellow member of a ship’s crew.  a fellow sailor.
Marketing & Communications Partner
At ShipMate we believe in creating video content with purpose.  We are marketing & communications experts that create visually stunning content that aligns with a brand’s marketing strategy.  To learn more visit our services page(s).
Virtual Agency
ShipMate does not maintain production space.  Our producers create great content out of home studios, coffee shops and shared creative spaces.  We rent office space, studios for shoots and post facilities for edit sessions as needed.
Production Network
At ShipMate we pride ourselves on our extensive network of trusted production and creative partners around the country.  We work daily to maintain and grow our production network to ensure that our clients are partnered with only the best in the industry.
Independent Producers
ShipMate embraces independence and is comprised of a group of independent producers and directors.  ShipMate and our producers are available in a variety of different roles to fulfill the many different needs of our clients.  To learn more visit our services page(s).
# of hours ShipMate producers have spent at sea
# of hours experience we have creating content
# of hours (average) of video content you will watch in 2016
  • At ShipMate we feel that focusing on making a partnership work is more profitable than focusing on making money.
  • We love our employees and our partners as much as we love our clients.
  • The best new business is our current business.
  • We feel that it’s better to be hired for our work than for our price.
  • Our business is built around our team and we feel that making money off mechanicals, software and computers would turn our business into a commodity.
  • At ShipMate we feel that in order to love your work, you have to have fun and take vacations.
  • Power, in business, comes from sharing money, from valuing each others time and from love.
*Inspired by the late Bill Drenttel (designer, author, publisher and social entrepreneur)
  • ShipMate will produce great content.

  • Content that inspires action.

  • Content that invokes change.

  • Content that WE will be proud to show to the world.

  • At ShipMate we envision a world that recognizes our brand as a leader in video content production.

We are Producers

We are Directors

We are Marketers

We are ShipMate